Sencon manufactures Sensors, QA gauging and process control solutions for the Can Making industry, with a range of highly capable canmaking gauges.

These are grouped into:

  1. Benchtop semi-automatic gauges (Benchmark Series)
  2. Fully automatic conveyor fed gauges (Master Series)
  3. The classic Enamel Rater and Coatings Thickness gauges.

The Benchmark Series

  • A unique and comprehensive range of benchtop gauges for beverage can measurement.
  • Compact, standalone units that are ideally suited to the quality assurance laboratory and other offline locations.
  • Using the same advanced technologies as the fully automatic Master Series that are well-proven.
  • Fast, semi-automatic operation
    Procedures are defined and selected with Sencon’s proprietary Process Master™ gauging software.
    Intuitive touch screen icons.
    Testing is automatically carried out as a can is loaded and the safety door closed.
  • Multiple can sizes.
    The gauges all accept different can body and neck diameters and can heights. No change parts or quick-fit inserts required. (See individual pages for details).

Back End Gauge / Finished Can Gauge

Coatings Gauge – Optical>

Front end Gauge / Trimmed Can Gauge

Buckle Gauge

Axial Load Gauge

Dome Reform Gauge

The Master Series

  • Well-proven measurement techniques designed in a modular format.
  • Gauges are purchased in single units or as integrated groups.
  • Extra modules can be added to individual gauges at a later date.
  • Systems are configured with:
    Infeed conveyor (1, 3 or 5 lanes).
    Central gauging control interface.
    Up to three linked gauging units.

Front End Gauge

Back End Gauge

Coatings Gauge – optical 

Enamel Rater

Axial Load Gauge

Buckle Gauge

Automatic gauges for Ends manufacturers

    • Shell measurement.
    • Converted end progression measurement.

Shell Gauge

Progression Gauge

Sencon’s classic Enamel Rater and Coatings Thickness gauges

Semi-auto Enamel Rater

Coatings Thickness Gauge

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